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Pavement Ants Swarm in June and July

After the carpenter ants swarm season in late May to early June, we move right into the next reproductive swarmers on the list, the pavement ant.  Arthropods being cold-blooded they take full advantage of any available heat and use it to their own ends. Pavement ants...

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Ants and Their Eating Habits; Human Food versus Honeydew

The food humans eat and ants love to ingest are all consolation prizes to the ant’s desire for honeydew. Even the most decadent, extravagant, sweet treat you could think of eating at your home is the second prize compared to honeydew. Every ant type imaginable...

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Feeding those poor birds

Everyone loves to feed those poor birds over the winter when outside food is scarce and the snow and frost blanket the ground.  We enjoy seeing their flitting behavior coming to and from the bird feeder on the cold winter days.  Yet while watching those...

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