There is nothing quite as aggravating as fleas and their bite.

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Anyone who has had pets (or strays frequenting their yard) has probably dealt with fleas at one point or another. Fleas are in fact blood feeding parasite and while fairly open minded about what species the host mammal is they do have a preference for those with hair, the longer the better.

The Flea Lifecycle

The challenge with dealing with fleas is their life cycle consists four phases, two of which are fairly protected.  After a blood meal the adult female will lay her eggs in a crack or crevice or underneath furniture in a relatively protected location.  After hatching the larval stage will mill around eating any organic matter it can find, skin flakes, fecal dropping from other adult fleas, etc. During this time there is a juvenile growth hormone that slowly depletes from their system until it reaches a level that tells the larva to pupate into an adult (this is important in treatment).  While they are in the pupal stage inside their “cocoon” developing into mature adults capable of blood feeding and reproduction, they are again fairly protected from exposure to treatments.  After development is complete they are triggered to emerge based on one or more of three primary stimuli, heat, vibration and carbon dioxide.  All of which are indicators that there is a warm blooded host present.

Why “Flea Bombs” Don’t Work

So you have fleas and set off the “flea bomb”. Instant satisfaction, immediate knock down and weeks later back in the same boat being eaten alive.  Why?  The flea bomb was effective at killing off everything that it came in contact with, adults and exposed larva, not the eggs or pupal stage of the pest. So after the eggs hatched and more larva began their process of developing and those pupal casing released new adults into your home, you are back to square one. This is where the professional products come into play.  Many over the counter insecticides have limited life spans of effectiveness.

Pest Technicians Eliminate the Population Completely

The products used by an Independent Pest Solutions technician not only remain effective for weeks taking care of adult stages but also contain what’s called an IGR (insect growth regulator). As we mentioned earlier about the juvenile growth hormone, we use it to our advantage and this IGR mimics that growth hormone and prevents them from developing into the pupal stage to become adults. Professional treatment effectively eliminates the population from  top to bottom completely eradicating the problem.

Local Professionals Dedicated to your Needs

When it comes to pest management, local means quality. You’ll have a company that is based in the community and cares about the impact. You’ll experience the difference that local makes from day one of your service.

Integrated Pest Management that Breaks the Flea Lifecycle:

  • Eggs
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult fleas

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