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Cockroaches removal, pest management solutionsWhy are Cockroaches so Hard to Get Rid of?

German cockroaches are the ones most common in the Pacific Northwest and are the epitome of survival and biological potential. Not only do they have the ability to survive a week with their head (finally dying of thirst since they could not locate and ingest water) but each adult female can produce 4 to 8 egg cases in her lifetime each with 30 – 48 eggs. That is a range of 120 – 384 offspring per adult female cockroach!  Couple that with their deterrence from light, ability to sense air movement from across a room and their ability to live of just about any organic matter (yes the sludge on the inside walls of your sink drain will be enough), and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Thankfully most of the situations Independent Pest Solutions contend with are in fact brought into the home rather than wandering in from outside like ants or rodents. However, it makes it no less a challenge to be rid of it.  Cockroaches love nothing more than to lay egg cases inside the corrugation of cardboard boxes. Without proper sanitation and good housekeeping habits an infestations cannot be eliminated.

Health Issues and Cockroaches

Roaches are suspect in disease transmission for a variety of food borne illnesses but are most often the culprits in transmitting Salmonella.  Due to their indiscriminate palate causing them to eat anything and their disease transference through saliva, fecal dropping and glandular secretions, they are a health hazard to say the least. This of course is before going into the fact that their shed exoskeletons and fecal droppings are known to aggravate asthma.  Sanitation is the key to eradication across the board. An Independent Pest Solutions technician can come in and look at the situation, size up any overlooked sanitation concerns, and put together a treatment plan to get rid of the roaches and keep them away.

Precision Techniques that
Break the Cycle:

With cockroaches, it can seem like a never-ending battle. With our team of local professionals in your corner, it’s the beginning of the end. You’ll have integrated pest management techniques that break the roaches’ life cycle and release your home or business from their tyranny.

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After realizing the big name pest control companies were lacking in quality and customer service, I preferred to use a local company. Scott and Matt at Independent were readily available with great service and explanation of processes and options concerning our specific issues. They are prompt, efficient, and very customer service oriented!

 — Jennifer J.

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