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carpenter ants removalIndicators of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a wood destroying organism but contrary to popular belief they do not actually consume the wood material, they simply burrow through it. This actually helps in noticing and identifying a problem since they push all the saw dust, fecal pellets and dead insects out of the galleries that they create to live in. Though they do not require moisture compromised wood to infest like damp wood termites and moisture ants do, it really makes their job easier and is a conducive condition that is appealing to them and will invite the problem more often than not. Aside from the saw dust material being an indicator, there are always the swarmers (ants with wings).

What is Swarming?

Swarming occurs when the colony is of sufficient size and weather conditions are favorable to their creating reproductive (kings and queens). These reproductives have wings and will go into a mating flight before running off to wherever the wind will carry them to try to start a colony of their own. Swarming generally happens in late May and early June, but really can happen at any time the proper conditions are met.  This is especially true of colonies that are infesting a structure and are given temperature controlled environments in which to grow, without the hindrance of seasonal weather affecting their activity.  They are generally attracted to soil contact or submerged wood.  Most often wooden landscape edging, stumps or even old trees, wood fences and siding, etc.  Anywhere that wood meets earth or ideally is buried partially or entirely within it is perfect for them.

Exterminating and Fixing Damage from Carpenter Ants

While some of these conditions may not be feasible or cost effective to remediate. Care should be taken to monitor these areas for activity before the problem has a chance to establish and spread. If you  see evidence of or an actual infestation it is best to contact a pest control professional for proper treatment before they have a chance to spread or physically damage the structure of your home.

Integrated Pest Management Keeps them Gone.

It’s the secret of a responsible pest professional. You’ll have advanced methods and environmentally friendly techniques on your side. We’ll break the ant’s life cycle and keep them under control for the future.

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They were great!! Came out quickly and treated for carpenter ants. They also held off until after our new roof was installed to come back for re-treatment and inspection so that the new wood in the house got treated as well. EXCELLENT service!!

–– Nona M.

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