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Think you might have bed bugs? Get assured elimination from Independent Pest Solutions, LLC.

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Since the year 2000, bed bugs have been rapidly increasing throughout the USA. They are hardy creatures that can survive the most inhospitable of environments. With our team, you’ll get environmentally friendly methods of bed bug eradication at an affordable price.

Identifying Bed bugs

Positive identification of bed bugs can only be done by locating a sample, whether by customer capture or technician inspection.  While many of the symptoms of a bed bug issue can be unrelated or the result of other arthropod culprits there are a few things you can look for or do to help point you in the right direction.

What to Look For

Bumps and bites are never definitive of a bed bug issue.  Bite marks in a line where the body meets the mattress, pillow, sheets or blanket lean toward bedbug activity but are still not definitive.  If you suspect bedbugs, the first step is to put on some white sheets.  Bed bugs will defecate almost immediately after feeding.  If you find spots on the sheets that can be an indicator, however, it takes more than just spots on the sheets. Spiders crawl all over and also defecate as they go along. If you moisten and attempt to smear the spot it will tell you if it is blood or spider feces.  Blood will smear while spider feces crumbles.  While removing the existing bedding, look out for any culprits and capture them for positive identification by a professional.

Do not start disposing of your bedding, bed or other potentially infested articles unless told to do so, and even then make sure that they are appropriately marked or disposed in a manner that will not pass your problem off to someone else (i.e. putting the box spring on the curb marked FREE).  Aside from the moral issue of giving a bed bug infestation to another person you risk spreading the problem to potentially un-infested areas of your own home while transporting the materials through the house to get them outside or to the laundry.  If you’ve passed this piece of the litmus test it’s pretty certain that you do in fact have a bed bug issue and should reach out to a professional for inspection and treatment. When considering that one adult female can lay one to 5 eggs a day and up to 500 in a lifetime, the choice to involve a professional is clear when you know you have a bed bug issue.

Think you might have bed bugs? Get assured elimination from Independent Pest Solutions, LLC.

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