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Autumn Is Upon Us

With the undeniably cooler, wetter weather of fall, we all have a tendency to spend more time indoors keeping out of the damp chill reminding us that winter is on the way.  Unfortunately, rodents feel the same way, maybe even more so based on the fact that they are willing to invade crawlspaces to live in the insulation to get out of the weather.  If you see or suspect rodent activity please call our office for a free inspection 866-570-0663.

The biological potential of rodents

A family of six mice can multiply into a family of 60 mice in three months. A single female can produce five to 10 litters annually, each litter consisting of five to six young, who are then able to reproduce within 30 days.

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Bedbugs, unwanted guests

With everyone settling back into a routine, back to school, college, or real work schedules, hopefully, everyone brought back another pile of wonderful summertime memories with family, friends, and adventures abroad.  That being said, some have inadvertently brought uninvited guests home with them as well.  Yes, we are talking about bedbugs.  While it is possible to identify a bedbug problem by a bite, these bites are a red flag that something is amiss and should be checked out.  Our experienced technicians have been identifying and resolving bedbug problem in the Puget Sound area more and more frequently over the last couple years and appear to show no sign of slowing down.  Keep in mind that bedbugs are not a hygiene issue, they are a human parasite, so whether it is family, friends, or an up-scale hotel chain, be on the lookout for these unwelcome guests and evidence of their presence such as bites, tiny blood spots on sheets (fecal matter), or even the actually culprit.

Fleas got you down?

With the insect season in full swing, we are seeing fleas emerging in well above average force.  Fleas have some unique qualities that make their control challenging.  The pupal stage (egg-larva-pupa-adult) is their most protected stage, they are in essence “dug in”.  They are not feeding, or moving for that matter and are completely encased and secure.  Unfortunately for do-it-yourself treatments, this is the point where the “flea bomb” fails.  Anything in the pupal stage has been unaffected.  Which means it is simply waiting to emerge as an adult, feed, lay eggs and begin the life cycle anew.  Our treatment has residual qualities lasting for weeks or months, meaning that the emerging adults will come in contact with an active treatment and die before being able to lay eggs.

Bed Bug Awareness Week

The Professional Pest Management Association marked June 7th through 13th Bed Bug Awareness week focusing on educating consumers about prevention and detection.

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Stinging Insects

With our second mild winter in a row and an early spring, the stinging insects are emerging rampantly across western Washington.  Keep an eye out for wasps and hornets. Call Independent Pest Solutions at the first sign of a nest.  Whether they are little under eave umbrella nests, football size nests in bushes or that unpleasant surprise in discovering an in ground yellow jacket nest, we are trained, equipped and capable of removing the nest so you don’t have to worry about being stung or falling off the ladder.  Call our office a free inspection and quote 253-538-0811 or toll-free 866-570-0663.

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