Warmer temperatures last month brought about ants coming out from their “winter slumber”. Ants are cold-blooded insects that rely on the environment to regulate body temperature. During the winter, ants become more sluggish and their activity lags.

At Independent Pest Solutions, we were flooded with calls about ants and our pest technicians shifted from the winter rodent mindset to that of early spring pests like ants. That is until last week when the temperatures plummeted once again, putting us back into a freeze.

Weather triggers the types of rodents, ants, and pests you see

This past week’s weather is why we recommend our clients sign up for recurring service plans. Every year we get the call from a previous customer who had rodents get back into their home. No matter how well our pest technicians seal up a home to prevent rodent entry, most homes are made of materials that rodents can get through. As you know, rodents are very determined pests.

Each year we find multiple sites where rodents have chewed a half circle hole into the wood siding to allow them access to the crawlspace. Or they chewed along the lip of the plastic vent screen framing that allowed the vent screen itself to be folded back. The further the temperature drops, the more desperate the rodents are to gain entry into the structure for harborage.

Recurring service plans reduce worry

It may be difficult to see the value in a recurring service plan. Why pay monthly to have someone crawl under your house to check traps? Then tell you the traps are clear and everything looks good. Aside from the other benefits of preventative pest control servicing in regard to insect pests, all it takes is one major issue to suddenly validate the cost. Undetected rodent intrusion over time can mean the potential for a leaking water pipe or breached electrical line. Worst-case scenario, it can be a complete cleanout and restoration due to damage and contamination.

The price tag on any one of these problems would cover multiple preventative pest control services. And that is not counting your time and inconvenience after discovering the issue and figuring out what it takes to resolve it.

By signing up for Independent Pest Solutions Recurring Service plans, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is being monitored and protected from all forms of insects and rodents. Seen ants in and around your house recently? Give us a call at (866) 570-0663.