Odorous house ants, often referred to as sugar ants, are extremely common here in the northwest.

Where do Odorous House Ants come from and why are they in my house?

They normally nest around the root bases of plants. And if you are like many others, you probably have flowers or shrubs around the exterior of your home.  That means, those odorous house ants are living and thriving inches away from your living space.

The snow in February and March and the rains that followed, could have frozen or flooded them out.  Maybe you destroyed their environment by replacing your shrubs or flowers. Or maybe it wasn’t any of that and they are outgrowing their current home and happened upon the outside wall of your home. 

However it occurred, once they have found your wall voids, they will not want to leave. They are undisturbed and protected from predators, the temperature and humidity are controlled, and food is nearby. Why would they want to leave?!

How do I get rid of the ants? 

If you are unsure if you have them leave a pop can or something sugary on the counter and check back in an hour, you’ll know for sure then.

If they did come running to the tasty food source, DO NOT grab a can of raid and hose them down.  Only about 10 % of the colony will be exposed at a given time.  For every ant that you killed nine more now know better.  And that is only the beginning of the fallout from the attack.  These ants are polygenic, they have multiple queens within the colony, so now that they know they are under attack each queen will grab her portion of the colony and run a different direction.  Your problem in the kitchen just spread to both bathrooms, the living room, and one bedroom. 

Pest professionals have access to treatments that are residual, non-repellent and have a delayed action, which means they will be able to track back and forth through it and spread it around before it starts to wipe them out so they cannot escape.  When dealing with these it’s better to start with professional help than to make your problem worse.

This was our second time hiring Independent Pest Solutions, and there service has been so good, that we went with a short duration recurring plan. They provided a quick quote after the initial examination of job requirements, and addressed all our needs quickly after we made the decision to hire them. I would definitely recommend them (and have done so!) to family and friends.

Ben M

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