Rodents most often gain access to a home through the crawlspace, whether through compromised vent screens, inadequate crawl hatches or any number of access points.  Even if they don’t actually intrude past the crawlspace into the home itself, there are still plenty of concerns to be had.  That crawlspace is typically where HVAC systems, electrical lines, plumbing and communications lines get distributed throughout the home.  Rodents like to chew. Any of these items can be really expensive fixes if they get damaged or compromised by rodents.  It also endangers the health and safety of your family, either from their waste and contaminants, or the damage they cause.  Having that crawlspace checked regularly is the best preventative practice a homeowner can have.

Compromised crawlspace examples

Here are a few examples of crawlspace areas that rats and rodents were able to compromise and get access. Our pest technicians are not afraid to crawl into these tight spaces under your home to repair and remediate.  We can dramatically improve the conditions and make them unfriendly to rats and rodents.


Repaired crawlspace examples

Our trained pest professionals will block off these areas with screens or doors (when dealing with entry points for human access.) They also will use other materials such as spray foam/ spray insulation combined with the wire and wood to further reduce space for bugs and rodents to squeeze through. See the after photos below.


When doing crawlspace work we recommend at least a 3 month follow up treatment plan where our trained professionals will place and check traps and inspect for any additional areas that bugs, rats or rodents may be entering your home through.

If you believe your crawlspace has been compromised, call Independent Pest Solutions for a free inspection.