With the onset of colder weather comes not only a food shortage for commensal rodents, but a quest for a warm place to stay.  Rodents are not overly fond of the freezing nights or the bone chilling wet cold that we experience year after year.  Unlike us, they can’t just go inside and turn up the heat. They rely on our homes to provide them safety from both the elements and predators.  Also unlike us, they don’t have holiday schedules, Christmas parties, school holiday concerts, or family events to contend with.  Commensal rodents literally have nothing better to do than to prowl around trying to find any way into our homes.

Don’t overlook bird block and attic vents for rodent entry points

Most people, and a good majority of pest control technicians, are under the impression that without a clear way to get to the roof or eaves the only way commensal rodents can get into the home is the vent screens, gaps in the foundation or the access hatch in the crawlspace.  Bird blocks and attic vents are often over looked if there are no nearby trees, climbing vines / lattice or other obvious avenues to the roof line.  If anyone has ever scaled a wall or even done some minor rock climbing, they know how much easier it is to go up than to go down. Rappelling is an obvious exception.  So keeping that in mind as you watch the clip below of a surveillance camera video.  The rodent literally walks head first down a door frame.  This is not some heavy textured surface riddled with grips and holds or a tight gap allowing his to press between his feet and back to maintain control of his descent.  It really is uncanny the ease with which it “walks” right down the door frame.

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