Everyone loves to feed those poor birds over the winter when outside food is scarce and the snow and frost blanket the ground.  We enjoy seeing their flitting behavior coming to and from the bird feeder on the cold winter days. 

Yet while watching those birds enjoy the generously provided feast during these months there is a sudden irrepressible feeling of disgust when a rat runs down the fence line.  Aside from the visual disgust from their presence comes the fear of health concerns, property damage, the story your neighbor told you about the $700 wiring harness replacement in their truck because it got chewed up by rats.  Then the call comes in to our office about rodents outside.  Unfortunately, upon arrival and seeing your backyard the pest control technician on site has to present to you an ugly truth.


Your bird feeder is a rodent billboard sign.

Sure, there are rodents outside anyway everybody’s yard will have visitors from time to time but with that bird feeder up high and proud to be seen from yards around you can guarantee not only a presence but an increase in population as you are feeding them in the scarce months, helping them to survive and reproduce, ever increasing their population thanks to your provision.  There are different styles of bird feeders that can prevent rodents from getting into them but that doesn’t completely solve the issue.  The billboard will still attract rodents, as will the seed that the birds drop and even the cast shells on the ground.  Unless your wild birds have exquisite table manners and your bird feeder is both visually camouflaged and odor tight (which won’t allow the birds to get to it) then it is going to attract rodents.

The hopeful news is that in spite of how your actions will attract the unwanted to your home,  a comprehensive baiting program from a local pest control professional, like Independent Pest Solutions, we can take some pressure off the home and trim down the population.