With everyone settling back into a routine, back to school, college, or real work schedules, hopefully, everyone brought back another pile of wonderful summertime memories with family, friends, and adventures abroad.  That being said, some have inadvertently brought uninvited guests home with them as well.  Yes, we are talking about bedbugs.  While it is possible to identify a bedbug problem by a bite, these bites are a red flag that something is amiss and should be checked out.

Our experienced technicians have been identifying and resolving bedbug problem in the Puget Sound area more and more frequently over the last couple years and appear to show no sign of slowing down. Keep in mind that bedbugs are not a hygiene issue, they are a human parasite, so whether it is family, friends, or an up-scale hotel chain, be on the lookout for these unwelcome guests and evidence of their presence such as bites, tiny blood spots on sheets (fecal matter), or even the actually culprit.