With temperatures on the rise, stinging insects are emerging rampantly across Western Washington. Keep an eye out for wasps and hornets (ie: yellow jackets).

Where are stinging insect nests usually found?

Stinging insects are social and live in a nest or colony. Nests can be found both inside your house, under the eaves, in the ground, or in bushes. Typically you can see their paper nests located under the eaves or in hot and dry areas like inside your shed in the beams. Often you will see nests the size of a football in trees and bushes. However, don’t count out the nest that’s harder to see – the one in the ground.

Be careful with Wasps and Hornets, they will act with aggression if their entry is approached (even though it’s your house or yard). If you see the stinging insects buzzing around your house or yard, watch to see where they are specifically coming and going from. The best time to watch this activity is during the warmer parts of the day.

What will make my problem worse?

Often attempts at DIY stinging insect removal can make the problem worse. Because Wasps and Hornets are most active during the day, some people will go out at night and seal the entry point into the wall with caulk or spray it with repellent. Unfortunately, this means there is a good chance they will pursue the path of least resistance to escape to create a new exit. This new exit is often the sheetrock on the inside of your home, now making your exterior problem an even more dangerous interior problem.

How do I get rid of the wasps or hornets if DIY is not effective?

Pest professionals have access to treatments that are residual, non-repellent and have a delayed action, which means they will be able to track back and forth through it and spread it around before it starts to wipe them out so they cannot escape. Our Pest Technicians also carry bee suits on the truck so that we can safely get close enough to deliver the treatment to the nest effectively. When dealing with stinging insects it’s better to start with professional help than to make your problem worse.

Independent Pest called back about my wasp nest removal inquiry within 30 seconds. I made an appointment for the next Friday. Within an hour after they arrived, the job was done. So easy and stress-free!

Nannette R

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